Plant Based Hand Soap – 3 New Fragrances Now Available

plant based hand soap

Essenced has launched three new citrus fragrances of plant based hand soap.

We all know how important hand hygiene has become to ensure our well being but it’s easy to get bored with the same bar of dull soap.   Well – bring a zing to your hand washing regime with these lovely soaps.

Made from 71% organic soap base, these are scented with premium aromatherapy grade essential oils. Giving you a burst of natural scent every time you wash your hands.

Essential Oil Scents

Choose from Clementine with Spearmint, Lime with Ylang Ylang or Pink Grapefruit Lemon with Rosemary.  Find these at our online shop

Clementine and Spearmint has a warm citrus scent with a hint of fresh openness from Spearmint.

Lime and ylang ylang has a zesty lime scent with an exotic floral tone from the ylang ylang flower oil.  Imagine lime jelly sweets.

By contrast, pink grapefruit and lemon with rosemary has a fresh citrus scent balanced with the herbal aroma of Spanish Rosemary Oil.

Fast Lathering Plant Based Hand Soap

If you get frustrated with struggling to get bar soap to lather in hard water, your problems are solved with these.  We have extensively tested with Thames Valley hard water and can confirm that they lather quickly even with cold water.  Phew.

Eco Friendly

We’re committed to cruelty free products.  Therefore we have selected vegan certified essential oils to scent our plant based soaps.  Similarly to ensure high quality safe products, all soaps are SLS, SLES and paraben free.

Essenced soaps are all packaged with environmentally friendly packaging.  You’ll find it easy to recycle the paper wrapper.  Similarly we also use a plant based film wrapper to keep the soap fresh and hygienically sealed.  Likewise this can be put with the home compost or food bin to ensure it does not need to go to land fill.

Additionally, you can look here at this NHS advice for a useful guide on how to effectively wash your hands.

Watch out for more vegan friendly plant based hand soap coming soon.

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