Four Eco Friendly Packaging Tips

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Here’s my list of four great eco friendly packaging tips that we can use both at home and for business.

One of my constant concerns is environmental impact. So, I did a bit of research to source supplies for the business which avoided plastic and were recyclable. This is what I found.

Adhesive Paper Tape

First up is adhesive packing tape. Until recently this has always been made from plastic. Luckily now there are adhesive paper options available in a variety of widths, which can be recycled with paper once used. I use the wide and normal widths by Kite, but there are lots of other brands out there. Amazingly, the 25mm width is really handy – I find it useful as a temporary fixing for sewing projects, as well as a great replacement for tradition plastic tape when wrapping gifts. Similarly, the wide 5cm width is ideal for taping up boxes for mailing. Adhesive paper tape is easily found at the usual online retailers.

Compostable Plant Based Film

How to keep soap hygienically protected was another dilemma I faced. After some research I found food grade “cellophane” out there, which is both plant based and compostable and available on rolls. I also found small bags which are made by Nativia (TM). These are great for cards and small gifts.

Home Compost Stickers

Home compost Stickers are important too. Just so my customers know that the cellophane and bags are compostable and can recycle them properly.

Cardboard Boxes

Lastly, I use cardboard boxes which are just 2cm deep so they qualify for the Royal Mail large letter tariff. This means they can be popped through the letter box for contact free delivery, which is so critical during these strange times. Cardboard is of course recyclable. An even better option, is cardboard made of recycled products. Unfortunately this seems to be scarce at the moment, but is something I would love to use the next time I order supplies

Hope you found my eco friendly packaging tips useful. If you want to find out more about how to avoid plastic and plastic impact, the BBC has more information here at Plastic Watch. If you want to see how I use compostable film, here is a link to my plant based soaps.
Let me know of any eco friendly packaging hacks you use 😊

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