Aromatherapy, animal welfare and caring for the environment have been my key interests that have guided many of my decisions for years.  This has lead me to feel that ditching plastic bottles and returning to solid products without synthetic and artificial chemicals is the way forward.

Essenced Essential Oil Soaps are made with a 71% organic plant based soap. Each soap is scented with vegan certified aromatherapy grade essential oils. These are packaged with plant based compostable film and recyclable paper to balance hygiene and preservation needs with environmental impact.

English Lavender bags made with up-cycled fabrics are filled with wonderful English lavender from Hampshire. This is the closest lavender farm to Marlow.  It also happens to be just outside the town where my folks live. Re-using quality cottons fabrics is a great way to reduce the impact on the environment. These lavender bags are a fantastic natural way to scent your home. Great places to put them are in a drawer, hallway cupboard or even in your car.

Essenced Fabric Facemasks are available in a variety of designs to help you keep safe and stand out from the crowd.  With sewing skills and supplies already available, it makes sense to offer these.  Some designs are made from up-cycled fabrics, helping reduce the environmental impact.

Owner / Founder

Based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, UK for over 20 years. Using skills honed in the logistics software industry, along with a good nose for scent and concerns about the environment, to bring great smelling, eco friendly products to the world.